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First Article Program

Providing you with five production-quality samples including press-ready digital files, digital printing, die cutting, and folding/gluing.

Available in either a three or seven working day turnaround.

HP Indigo 30000

Digital PRess
A full-production and environmentally friendly solution that allows us to deliver an array of sheet varieties with dependable timing, high production quality, and efficient cost. One of our major workhorses.

Highcon Euclid IIIS

Digital cutting and creasing
The Highcon Euclid IIIS has the same ability to crease and cut the wide substrate versatility that the HP 30000 has for printing. Agility defined systems means predictable timing, precision finishing, and consistent production quality.

Time-Dependent Tiers

Our First Article Program offers you the same customizable solutions for two tiers of timing. You set the terms and we'll meet your demands.
Most Popular
Three Day
$1700 for non-customers
  • 5 Production Quality Samples
  • Press-Ready Digital Files
  • Three Day Turnaround
Samples in Three Days
Seven Day
$1500 for non-customers
  • 5 Production Quality Samples
  • Press-Ready Digital Files
  • Seven Day Turnaround
Samples in a Week
Where do I start?

Our team is ready to answer any questions and get the packaging process rolling. Let's start by making sure we understand what you need - tell us how we can help.

What if we need large quantities?

No problem. With Wingate, we can seamlessly migrate production to offset. The First Article Program is a great starting point to maximize efficiency in offset.

Is there a free trial?

No, we do not offer a free trial. Don't worry - our samples are premium production quality. Plus, if you're not satisfied with your product, the digital files will still be yours to keep!

Do we get to keep the press-ready digital files?

Yes. No matter which timing tier you select, you will always receive five production-quality samples from your artwork and your press-ready digital files.

How do I qualify for customer pricing?

You qualify for "customer" pricing if you purchase a minimum of $50,000 or more per year from Wingate Packaging.

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Wingate's track record with customers is second-to-none, but don't just take it from us. Hear from gratified customers who participated in the First Article program.
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Anabelle Porter
Interface Designer
“All I can say is wow! This product has completely changed the way we approach product design.”
Steve Harper
Experience Designer
“Our performance metrics are showing serious positive signs after using this product for just one month.”
Sarah Kingston
Data Analyst