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Structural Design

For over 30 years Wingate has provided companies with unique design solutions. By accounting for function, form, and fit, we can provide the most value as possible with custom structural design.

Maximizing Functionality

The structural design process is where both creativity and proper design unite. Typically we can provide a response time of 2-3 days for CAD samples. Additionally, we’re equipped to provide visual 3D design with applied graphics to help better visualize the end product. Our substrate capacity includes but is not limited to:

  • 10-30pt Paperboard
  • N-Flute
  • Sugar Cane Board
  • 100% Recycled Board
A metallic ink and windowing gives Vande Rose Farms' bacon packaging the luxurious feel they were looking for, while allowing consumers to see the quality of the bacon.
Vande Rose Farms
Food Industry
For this duo pack, Olay wanted the first impression to be as luxurious as the products inside the packaging. Matte and gloss UV enhancements beautifully accompanied the metalized SBS substrate of this (carton style type) box.
Personal Care Industry
Film windowing was an obvious choice here - allowing consumers to see the product details on the beautiful bottles inside. Metallic and UV coating helped emphasize the bubbles, gold print, and design features of this (folding carton type).
Personal Care Industry
This sleeve slipped over a full product line box set. We used the (insert print method) method on the (substrate), printing a total of 5 colors.
Cosmetic Industry

Quality Assurance

Wingate Packaging maintains a food safety plan in accordance with the CODEX HACCP method; a systematic preventative approach to food safety by identifying biological, chemical and physical hazards that can be present in food manufacturing.
National Sanitation Foundation

Your assurance that compliance is to the highest standard, as well as product labeling and claims have been objectively reviewed by a trusted third party

Safe Quality Food Institute

This certification requires a specific amount of cleanliness, security and food safety allowing us to provide both indirect and direct food contact packaging.

Good Manufacturing Practice

This shows our commitment to maintaining a strong regulatory compliance at the international standard.

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